Hi I'm Jocelyn Loza

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and public relations, I worked in enterprise and agency settings where I gained a vast experience in organic and local SEO, web design, email marketing, public relations, digital strategy for large brands and nonprofits.

My decade of experience in developing and executing performance based digital marketing strategies helped many medium and large sized companies improve their organic traffics. I want to do this for you! 

As a startup and small business owner I understand how difficult it is getting your business off the ground. Not knowing what resources and tools you need or who to ask, can make you feel like you'll never be your own boss. As your business coach and personal marketing strategist, I'll be there to guide you. 

Because I have already helped several friends and family members get their business running or helped them take their business to the next level, I want to share my knowledge with you. I want to teach aspiring bosses to do the same.

Are you ready to start your business?

Are you ready to take your side hustle to a full-time hustle?

Not sure how to do this…are you afraid? Don’t have the resources? I can help.


How do you benefit from early coaching?

Future bosses like you, who work with consultants like me, understand much better the early stages of forming a business and venture. You will gain faster expertise, which gives you an advantage in getting to the next phase quicker. In many case, I'll help you avoid costly mistakes and wasted time. I'll also give you advice and clear as much as I can for you. 

This frees you up to focus on other vital elements of the newly formed enterprise.

Strategy and Planning

I'll help you with analysis, statistics, and strategy. We will plan together critical steps for your startup business. If you are a small business, we will review what you have.

Business Structure Development

Startups have to execute multiple items simultaneous. I can help assist you execute major critical steps in the early stages of your business.

Legal Business Formation

You will have to form a legal structure for your business. I can advice you on options such as sole proprietor, corporation, LLC, and the pros and cons of it. I'll share the resources and organizations that will help you set up your business name.

I'll help you establish your brand on the social media platforms where your potential audience lives. I can help with creating a social media strategy to increase your brand's visibility.

Social Media Consulting

My goal when working with you is to help you better understand all the early stage aspects of the business. You are given insight and will gain clarity when working with an experienced professional who has been through the process multiple times. Through this startup consulting service, I research and implement business solutions, marketing strategies, and strategic relationships that will take your business to the next level.

Thinking of starting a new business, it pays to consult with an expert. As a startup consultant, I'll guide and give you advice through the critical early stages to avoid costly mistakes. I provide valuable assistance to startup ventures and small businesses. I can immediately get involved and provide tangible results for you.


I'll work with you one on one to provide assistance with small business challenges and growth obstacles. Often, through my consulting services, you can quickly gain much needed expertise, skills, and all in a temporary affordable way. Across many industries, I add value and much needed business support.

If you are ready, please complete the form.


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